Hairy Ass Man

Men have hair all over the body depending on their race, genes and hereditary factors. Hair for men has been a proud factor in many cultures and in different parts of the world. The Moustache for men is a matter of prestige and for a long time was believed to be an honor. Any man without a moustache was not considered to be a man at all. But things have slowly and completely changed. A moustache is no longer needed to prove one's masculinity nor hair on the body.

The hair on the face is not a matter of concern and the discussion is not about it. It can be easily managed by trimming, cutting, bleaching and using other techniques. In fact, it has become a routine for many men to shave off their facial hair. But when it comes to the hair on the ass it is extremely difficult for a person to shave his own ass. Only people who are utterly disgusted and disturbed by the hair on their asses would volunteer to shave it.

So if you are one who wants to shave your ass just because you think your girlfriend does not like it, then I would better suggest you to talk it out with her rather than volunteer shaving it. If she really doesn't like it and you want to shave it off then you can very well ask your girl friend to do it for you.

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